Aéroplume flights
at the Écausseville airship hangar resume in July 2019.

Feel free to make an appointment!

infos@aeroplume.fr + 33 (0)6 41 98 32 97

Aéroplume flights into the grotte de la Salamandre

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The Aéroplume,
what is it?

The Aéroplume is an individual blimp, inflated with helium, that allows you to fly, by flapping your wings.

The pilot is lying under a big helium bubble in a “cocoon” harness. Freed from gravity, equipped with wings, he can then fly and move freely in the air by the strength of his arms. Because of the important windage, the low flying speed (5-8 km/h), we fly with the Aéroplume exclusively indoors, sheltered from the weather hazards.

Sport and fun for all, (from 7 years old and up to and up to 90 kg).

Aéroplume diagram

Aéroplume Écausseville

Flap your wings and fly away.

Enjoy the unique sensation of being lighter than air, inside an architectural heritage: the Écausseville airship hangar, in Normandy, in the heart of the Cotentin peninsula, in the very wild setting of the Regional Natural Park of the Cotentin and Bessin Marshlands.

Go there
Rate 2018: €50 per person, per flight.
30 minutes including about 20 minutes of actual flight.

Booking recommended: ecausseville@aeroplume.fr \ + 33 (0)6 41 98 32 97

Open daily during French school vacation: spring, summer (July 1st-August 31st) and autumn.
From 10 am to 6 pm.

We are open for any groups apart from those vacation periods, just ask for it.

Offer an Aéroplume flight!

Built between 1917 and 1919 to house the Marines’ airships assigned to coastal surveillance, the Écausseville airship hangar is the last of its kind. It is also the only building that allows us, in France, to fly with the Aéroplume all year round. Flight volume: height 30 m, width 24 m, length 150 m.

We share the site with a small museum about war and ballooning, which also offers to visit the hangar.

☆ Parking, toilets and large green meadows.