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Tropical Islands Resort is an artificial, tropical aquatic parc 60 km southeast of Berlin.
The parc is located inside a 360 m long, 210 m large and 107 m high hangar.
With 5,5 millions m3, it belongs to the largest buildings by volume in the world and it is the largest uninterrupted volume in the world. (Imagine the Statue of Liberty standing upright inside of it, the Eiffel Tower lying in it, the surface area on the ground can contain 8 football fields.)
This hangar, called Aerium, was originally conceived by Cargolifter AG for storing the airship CL 160, that got finally never built
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In July 2006, hearing about the parc’s installation inside the hangar, Aérosculpture gets there with an Aéroplume and meets the german Lutz Nikolaus, who also got there with his own balloon projects. Following their encounter, two Aéroplumes got built, (the Aéroplume-Luftschiff Lutz, now in Écausseville and the Aéroplume Kinderschiff). The company 2high ballooning GmbH – Lutz Nikolaus operates the Aéroplume in Germany.