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Every year, on beginning of june, L’Art de l’envol, an air and hot air balloon’s festival, reminds us that Annonay (FR-07100) is the historic birthplace of the aerostation. Annonay’s inhabitants commemorate the flight of the first paper balloon built by the brothers Joseph and Éric de Montgolfier, inventors of the aérostat, that took place on june 4th, 1783.
In this context, Aérosculpture got invited in june 2007 in order to teach Annonay’s children the aerostation and also how to fly by fluttering one’s own wings, inside the Guy Lachaud Hall – Sport Center of Déomas.
*In june 2002, Annonay was classified Historical Aerostation Site by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.